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7 ideas to surprise your loved one

August 10, 2016 ,

In our boring routine, we all want to experience something places a smile on our faces. We are humans and it’s our natural instinct to feel over the moon as soon as somebody does even a little effort for us, right? Psst.. Especially your loved one. Let’s do something to melt their heart! From tiny to unique surprises, here are some example :-

1. Change their alarm text to some sweet morning greetings.

You have filled them with love from the moment they open their eyes.


2. Paint or write them a love note,compliment them.

Randomly put in their wallet, stick on the fridge door,their laptop,slot in their book, beside a coffee you made for them, any places which they might approach.



3. You will never go wrong with candles.

Before they reached home, dim the lights and arrange the candles in a love shape or in wording ‘ I Love You’.



4. Prepare them a breakfast on bed.

Cuddle while having breakfast together in bed. Remember to feed them like a king or queen!



5. Setting up a beach picnic.

Secretly practise to play a song from YouTube with any instrument and sing to them!


6.  Play a treasure hunt with them.

Sketch them a map which lead them to a place you had all your gifts prepared earlier.

    treasure hunt        gift-1524037__180

7. WOW her by this unpredictable unique setting – The Igloo.

Get a dinner served here, dumped in fluffy pillows and blankets. Who doesn’t like cuddle together and spending time under the stars?


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