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Annual Dinner Theme Ideas Part 2 : Themes Inspired By Different Countries

February 7, 2017 ,

An annual dinner without a good theme isn’t really a memorable function. It’s just like an ordinary gathering in a bigger room. It shows that how important for deciding a theme for your annual dinner, but sometimes when we come to ideas, we get really stuck! We know this very well as our client always feeling so headache about this. That’s the reason why we have brainstormed some ideas to feature in our blog.

Previous article we mentioned about theme that related to sea/water. This time we are going to give you ideas of using different country. Start to think from so many countries from all over the world. Mexico, Japan, China and Greece etc. Suddenly feel like many ideas pop out in your mind? 🙂 Let’s look at some photo below to have clearer vision.

1. Mexico – Mexican hat, cactus, Mexican dance performance, tacos & nachos etc. Hola Mexico!

2. China Old Shanghai – Who says Chinese theme decor only suitable for wedding and Chinese New Year? Imagine everyone wearing 20s Chinese clothing, lanterns hanging around plus traditional Chinese cultural dance.

3. Arab Nation- Magic lamps, colorful beads, Arabian outfit, colorful silk hanging at the ceiling. I already feel like i’m in The Aladdin movie!

4. Africa – When most of us thought of Africa, 1st come to our mind are wild animals, jungle, african printed cloths, Dinka necklace and Safari etc. Africa! Here i come!

Outfit can either use safari outfit or African style outfit. Both fit this theme well.

5. Greece – Greek and Roman theme mostly are in white and gold. Having this theme makes you feels like you are in heaven.

Every country has their own specialty so there is much more theme can be done if you think your theme by country. Japan, Korea, India etc. Use your imagination. Remember that not only visual is important, to make the whole atmosphere match with your theme, music is crucial! Do play some music for the particular country u have chosen. Hope you enjoy planning your 2017 annual dinner or party.

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