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Annual Dinner Theme Ideas

January 9, 2017 ,

It’s the starting of 2017, have you ever thought of what annual dinner theme you will be having this year? Back to 60s 70s 80s? Not again please..Its like almost every company did that theme before. What kind of annual dinner theme will really give everyone a WOW and unforgettable memories? Started to feeling headache ? No worries! In this few months we will be giving you some ideas. Please take note that decorations is the main essential to make your annual dinner looks great. Let’s start with theme which related with water.

Under The Sea

Under The Sea – Table Setting


Beach Theme – Table Setting

Haiwaii Beach Theme – Outfit & Games

Haiwaii Beach Theme – Table Setting

Hawaii Beach Theme – Accessories

For under the sea and aquarium theme, it should be held at indoor with some dim and blue lighting to suit the mood while beach theme and Hawaii theme is more suitable to held at outdoor (especially beach) for a more natural feeling. We hope these ideas help you to get a wonderful annual dinner this year. Not fancy anything related to water? Let’s stay tuned for our next article. We will be covering more annual dinner theme ideas.

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