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Best Wedding Songs – ROM Ceremony or Proposal

September 12, 2016 ,

At the previous post, we did emphasised that music is an important element when you proposed. Same goes to a wedding. Having a list of music to play at the ROM ceremony or when your marriage proposal is like having a very own/unique soundtrack for both of you. It describes how sweet both of your love story is and your audiences may feel the love is in the air too.Pair along with your decorations, it sets the lovely mood of your memorable day that you will never forget the rest of your life.

To help you tell your sweet story through music, we have carefully hand-picked a list of songs for your life most important moments.

” Marry me… Today & Everyday … ” This sentence speak a thousand words.

Whether you are a twilight fans or not, a thousand years become the most romantic song on 2011. How can you miss this?

” I have die everyday waiting for you.. Darling don’t be afraid i have loved you for a thousand years.. Love you for a thousand more.. “

This song simply touched your heart.

” And it’s you and me… And all of the people and I don’t know why… I can’t keep my eyes off of you “

   Are you feeling lucky you have met your loved one? ❤❤❤

“Lucky we’re in love in every way… Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed… Lucky to be coming home someday”

Every sentence of this songs filled with honey.. sweetness overloaded !

” And, darling, I will be loving you ’til we’re 70… And, baby, my heart could still fall as hard at 23 “

Probably not most of the people know about this song but the pleasant melody plus beautiful lyrics do give your personalise soundtrack some extra marks!

” You helped me find my paradise… When you came you were like… Sunshine through my window… That’s what you are… My shining star “

Have you forgotten this romantic songs at year 2000 which melt your heart before? Best suit when exchanging vows.

” And I will take… You in my arms… And hold you right where you belong… Till the day my life is through… This I promise you… This I promise you. “

Olivia Ong’s smooth and soft voices make everyone indulge in your wonderful ceremony.

” Taking one step at a time walking hand in hand… 1 2 3 4 cheek to cheek…And they’re learning how to do that dance… Let this love be forever more they say… I wish for this to be true for you and me. “

Everybody know Richard Marx famous song – Right here waiting.. despite being a nice song, but it some how included a bit sad element. Unlike Now & Forever, it beautifully describes to fit your wedding or proposal.

” Until the day the ocean… Doesn’t touch the sand… Now and forever… I will be your man “

Jim Brickman’s great piano melodies pair with tender lyrics. Awww.. what else do i have to describe anymore?

” And even if the sun refused to shine… Even if romance ran out of rhyme… You would still have my heart… Until the end of time… You’re all I need, my love, my Valentine. “

Of course, there are still a lot of lovely songs that can fit in your personalise love story soundtrack well, example the song that mean something for both of you or your first date song. Just remember one thing,  try not to mix softer song with dance hits. (although the dance hits might have loving lyrics.) Instead, Keep it and play at your wedding party dancing session.

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  1. Listed all songs are perfect for a wedding ceremony but I think the “Thinking out loud” and “You and me” will be the best fit for any wedding ceremony. Also, some romantic songs from Maroon 5 could be in consideration. Thanks for sharing the list of the best wedding songs for ROM ceremony.

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