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Common Marriage Proposal Mistakes

December 1, 2016 ,

There are so many different techniques available to use on marriage proposal  . Most of us always thinking about what we should do for the marriage proposal but do we ever wonder what we should never do? Doing the mistake might just ruin your whole plan so that’s crucial. Here’s some common mistake you should not do.



  • You Picked The Wrong Place And Make It Public

You might probably inspired by those marriage proposal through YouTube which they were held in some public places like restaurant, shopping mall, beaches, at the street etc but do you know that according to a research, 70% of girls do not wish their man pop the ring in front of strangers? They feel stressed, uneasy and most of them prefer an intimate just 2 of us proposal. Flash Mobs at the shopping mall and streets are not something most of the girls want too so please don’t do that unless she shows you she loves public attention.


  • You Do It At The Wrong Time

This is a real scenario me and a bunch of girls friend come across when we chit chat at the beach few years ago. There were a BBQ party at the beach and the girl were standing and holding a paper plates enjoying her grilled food. Out of sudden, one of the guy take out a bouquet and knee down asking the girl to marry him. The girls didn’t say yes immediately as we can see how awkward and embarrassing she is. Then the guy’s friend were shouting “Marry him! Marry him! “. I think after about 15 minutes, the girl finally say yes and we can see how unwillingly her face is. Then my friend said “ omg! If my boyfriend did this to me, I will kick him into to sea!” We all couldn’t agree anymore and give each other a 5! Imagine your girl wearing a singlet and slipper, eating a chicken wing, with the oily hand, you pop the questions and put the ring on her finger? And the beach is not crystal clear, kids running around, another few gangs of youngster shouting at each other, turned on the radio loud..and you perform the romantic proposal? Come on!! Do extra be careful too when you feel that she is feeling unwell, having some family issues etc. Make sure she is in good condition and ready for this.


  • Putting The Ring Inside Her Food/ Drinks

This is the most terrible idea. Will you wear a ring with food traces or water on it? No way. Wedding ring is something showing a promise from you to her. Its very important and she will wear everyday if she say yes. Don’t expect she have to wash it first before she put on her finger. The worst case might happen is she swallowed the ring together with the food or get choked. Don’t ever take this risk! You don’t want your proposal ended up in the hospital.


  • Using The Common Marriage Proposal Idea

The most widely use marriage proposal is..In a restaurant, buy a bouquet, knee down and pop the ring in front of the audience. While this is commonly use, it’s kinda easy to guess and it has no surprises anymore. Just once in a life time, your girl hoping the marriage proposal is something special between you and her. If you do not have any ideas, you can do some online research but do not copy 100% of others idea. Infused some own idea or mix and match. Better skipped those too ordinary ones.


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