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How do you know if you are ready to propose?

How do you know if you are ready to propose?

March 10, 2017 ,

Marriage can be exciting and lovely but many people forget to think properly before they propose. Right now you might thought of pop the question after sometimes of dating or when you feel you are so in love with her. But before you starting to shop a ring for her, you should be given a lot of thoughts about are you both ready to start another journey in life. Let’s stop for a moment and start it with asking yourself a few questions to make sure that you are all ready for this.

Are you willing to take the commitment?

Marriage is a lifelong commitment for you and your partner. After getting married, you are no longer an individual. Basically, most of the decision you making is related to two person or whole family instead of one. You are no longer a son of your mom but you are now the husband of your wife and a father of your kids in the future. You have to commit taking care of your family and be responsible. So it’s important to know how much you ready to take this. You will easily get an answer if she is really the one, but if you hesitate, then you should know what’s going on.

Is it too soon?

Yupe, u may say that love does not set a timeline. But according research, the divorce rate of getting married too soon is high. Both of you should be given enough time to know each others. If you both just started dating not too long ago, This isn’t the right timing to propose. You both need time as a couple to experience ups and downs, so you able to see how you both cope with it.Marriage should not to be rush, even if you have a feeling that she is the one you want to spend your life with, please be sure to give each other more time in the dating first.

Are you or you both financially ready for this?

Although this topic is very sensitive and some couple even trying to hide their financial background. But unfortunately, this is one of the thing that leads to divorce. Both of you should be open and try to be honest to each other so that you both able to craft a better future and achieve financial goal together.

Are you both having the same goal to build the future together?

Have you planned how’s the life after getting married? Have you spoke with your girl before about the future? Did she agreed and having the same direction with you? Or how you both going to overcome it if both of you have different direction? You have to be sure you’ve discussed things like places to live and settle down, job goals, how many kids you both wish to have etc. The only way to make sure if you both having same thought is to discuss about it. All these topic might be heavy and uncomfortable for some couples to discuss. Try to discuss bit by bit instead of like having a family meeting. Make it easy to go with.

Once you’ve make sure you are ready for this, all that’s left is to ask your girl for their hand in marriage.
You might consider to engage a counseling to help you handle all these because it’s a really important moment and you would not want to let yourself having a single chance to ruin it.

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