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Marriage Proposal Ideas

August 23, 2016 ,

In a women’s entire life, there are a few things which they really look forward to. One of it is a marriage proposal. I’m pretty sure you want to impress her when you ‘pop the question’ because that girl you are going to propose is the love of your life.

Figuring out a wonderful marriage proposal can be stressful and you don’t want to use the old tactics, buy her flowers and mope on one knee at the public just like that. You don’t have to be a Romeo but implement some custom made things that related to the story for both of you is the key to make her say YES in tears.

Let’s look at the video clip as below which has 19 million views

Does it set you in tears? Do you feel touched? If by just looking at others love story can touch your heart, it definitely works on your girl too! Do look at the YouTube comment too, there are so many people commented that this commercial has made them cry. It’s like a pre-approved proposal method!

Well, although this idea is awesome, but try not to be a 100% copy cat. You just need to give it a twist. Example, use the photo if don’t know how to draw nicely. Might start with 1st date photo, then anniversary or travel memories, or you can arrange your photo by years, At last the photo written 2016 is being covered by cloths, then you can put a photo which you have snapped earlier, inside the photo you kneel down and holding a ring, written beside will you marry me? Do remember, environment and music is important too! Pick a more private place, dim the lights a bit, play some romantic music or some songs that represent the both of you. You will be totally nail it!

If the above idea not your cup of tea, how about a custom made flip book?

This flip book can be 100% custom made. You can draw your own too if you are a talented artist and already have an idea in your mind. In case you don’t know how to do it, this is the sample on how to draw a simple flip book.

Obviously, this is just some basic ideas. Ask yourself what would be meaningful to your partner and how you can design the proposal to make them feel at ease. If you need to know more information, do drop us a line, we will be happy to assist you.

Let’s plan a memorable proposal for your honey.

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