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Party Planning Tips

October 5, 2016 ,

Planning a party can be stressful if you don’t start your planning early. By managing your time well and creating a to-do list, it definitely save all your headache. Here’s the time frame and checklist for your reference.

6 weeks before

  1. Decide your date, time and venue.
  2. Choose a theme for your party.
  3. Set a budget and make sure the estimation is realistic.
  4. Figure out a way to make your party unforgettable, example cook some special dish, set some entertainments or use decorations to wow your attendees.

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4 weeks before

  1. Set a facebook event page to collect attendances or sent out invitation.
  2. Make sure you have enough cutlery.
  3. Source for party favors.
  4. Search for decoration items. If you needed lots of decorative items, you might need a decorator to help you on this.
  5. Look for a setup company if you need canopy, extra lighting, chairs and tables.


2 weeks before

  1. Confirmed attendance.
  2. Set a group chat and feature all the attendees in so if you have any changes you can announce through here.
  3. Create your menu and estimate portion and each dish cooking time.
  4. Draft a shopping list.


1 weeks before

  1. Stocked up canned or bottle drinks/foods,party snacks and frozen foods.
  2. Create a playlist for your party. ( recommend Spotify premium )
  3. Work on your seating arrangement ( recommend to set a children corner) , party flows etc.


1 day before

  1. Clean and tidy your party area and washroom.
  2. Start to decorate according your theme.
  3. Do groceries shopping. (You can use online groceries shopping example Tesco to deliver your item to your door step)
  4. Marinate the meat if needed.
  5. Remind your attendees for tomorrow’s party through group chat and inform them where to park their vehicles.

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D day morning

  1. Chill your drinks.
  2. Start to make your desserts.
  3. Prepare all the ingredients and make sauces.
  4. Setup the table.
  5. Ready extra garbage and trash bin.

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D day Noon & Evening before party

  1. Start your cooking. ( it might spend most of your noon time )
  2. Set all your serving cutlery.
  3. Give yourself at least 30 minutes to freshen up and dressed up.
  4. Adjust lighting and turn on your playlist.
  5. Light up your candles if you have any now.
  6. Set out party snacks.
  7. Arrange your food on the buffet table.
  8. Get ready and let the party started!

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