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A Theme Based ROM

Unusual ROM

A Special

Wedding ROM

Your ROM deserves to be special as this will happen once one in your life time. We have different types of ROMs that could make your wedding unforgettable. We will help you save all the hassle to ensure the arrangements meet your expectations with top to toe services like attire, make up, and photographer. Your loved one will be impressed by all the detailed and sweet arrangements you made especially for her. If you have any special request, please feel free to contact us.

Bubble ROM (Coming Soon)

Your special day deserves to be unique, and so we have created bubble ROM to ensure you and your loved one have a stunning ceremony! With our transparent bubble tent, you will makes you feel like you held your ROM in the middle of a crystal ball! It certainly makes for a charming ROM! Best of all, you don’t have to worry about the weather while still enjoying the view of the outdoors. Who says the best of both worlds does not exist? Note that this package is only suitable for small groups of people.

Seaside ROM

A romantic seaside ROM ceremony is like a fairy tale for everyone. With a sandy beach as location and sound of the waves as your ceremony’s background music, it makes your most important day a gorgeous one! Dream does come true with Glammories!

Garden ROM

We can arrange a garden ROM ceremony in a pretty location with a peaceful ambiance. A lovely scenic outdoor space with beautiful decorations and a light breeze. You both will be saying “I Do” in the  shade of a tree. That’s what we call a ROMantic ceremony.
Make your ROM Complete with

These Add-ons:

Make-up, hairdo, manicure

Photo and videographer

Decorations and flower arrangement

Attire for groom and bride

Master of ceremony

Love song arrangement

Note: Justice of Peace (JP) is not included as it needs to be applied personally by both of you, since marriage laws are different in every country. Talk to us and make a booking today! We can help you personalize it to fit your dream ROM ceremony. Wants to have family and friends to witness all these? You can count on us. We make arrangements for out-of-town guests, including hotel accommodations, transportation for wedding party, plus food and seating arrangements for reception after the ceremony. We also have custom-made ROMs because we believe everyone has a different style and personality. At Glammories, we can make your vacation and ROM ceremony uniquely yours. Each journey can be modified to fit your dates of travel and changed or modified to fit your needs. If you don’t have a location in mind, we will brainstorm to create the perfect vacation for you! You can pick your preferred accommodation. We listen to your ideas and pay attention to your specific needs. No matter what you are after, we will work with suppliers to ensure you get the best services at the right price. Let us help you make beautiful memories out of ordinary moments! Need more ideas? Contact us today to start planning your own getaway or ROM!

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